Thursday, December 2, 2010


One of the Pastors told us to forget that we knew the outcome.
Instead let out minds go to Promise, that which was given by God through his word. Let us anticipate with the people of the Promise, the long awaited coming of the Savior. Let us cry within our beings... 'o Come Emmanuel!'
As the wise men looked to the heavenly signs, and in faith made their journey with the expectation of the promise being fulfilled, let us become part of the faithful who answer the call. 'oh Come all ye Faithful'

I am loosely paraphrasing the exhortation made by the Pastor, but somewhere within it rang true! There is an excitement within, when I don't look at the end result (i.e. Christmas is 23 days away) but I look at the celebration to be had by a people to whom a promise was made, when that promise was not yet fulfilled. don't get me wrong, I celebrate the joy of knowing Christ today and every day, but can you imagine the people who had been waiting? can you imagine the joy of recognizing the importance of this birth in a manger? Only a handful of people were there, lowly shepherds, and magnificent wise men... How blessed they were!

Yet for most of the world at the time, they were either in darkness and knew nothing of the Promise, or they were part of the chosen people, and they knew nothing of this special birth! It would be years before the word got out about this man called Jesus, and even more years would pass before the Promise fulfilled was being offered to more than just the chosen people.
Today I do not want to miss what is evidence of God's love and care for us. I want to chose to focus on positive, on hope, and not the negative. Rainy days are just that..a time to speak of it's dreariness, or a time to find comfort in an excuse to stay indoors, read a book, cuddle up by a fire, or take a snooze lulled by the pitter patter of those repetitious drops. Over all my heart continues to say.... GOD is still on the throne.... This shall too pass!

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