Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent calendar

Recently I was with my oldest, and she mentioned she was looking for an advent calendar. Since we were already into December the choices were slim, but for some reason my mind was thinking that we could make it our own. So last night I took out my craft supplies, and pulled out a 4 shelf unit that I picked up at a garage sale. It's a Thomas Kinkade wooden shelf for a set of mini plates. I looked up how to make mini boxes on my iPad and pulled out my card stock, played with some glue and markers, and decided to stamp and then color most of boxes. I took it up to my oldest daughters home and showed it to everyone. The little ones wanted to touch and check it out now, and the older ones helped with taking pictures and getting the shelf unit on the wall. These eight children will have fun with their parents counting down the days of Advent with scripture, little sweets both to eat and to experience. It was so much fun making for them, and only took me a few hours!

The little boxes

The shelf unit

Completed boxes

They were moving so fast, hard to get a picture!

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  1. The kids asked me about it first thing this morning! Thank you so much Mom! Where are you Carrot Barn pictures?!?

  2. Such a great idea mom! They must have loved it!