Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missing the blessings

Recently I observed someone miss an opportunity to bless... It was one of those mundane things we do in life, the person was attending to taking care of those in their immediate sphere, their vision narrowed by the strain of living in a broken world... And they passed right over one who was probably blended into the background, and they missed a blessing! They missed seeing the joy of being noticed, they missed seeing the unconditional love waiting to be spent, they missed a healing moment!
Don't we all do that? Don't we all have moments, or seasons of missed opportunities? I know I do! Especially when I am so distracted by my own narrow vision, my own pain, and I am trying to just survive.
Last week I was immersed in family time... 27 other people and we all wanted to connect... It's not really practical you know? Oh we had slivers of time, but it's never enough! I learned a lot from the children, who I loved to observe!
I watched a child blossom, she had felt lonely in the midst of cousins and siblings. It was the right season however for another her age to 'pal' up... And they became a unit! some children thrived on time alone, some just needed to be part of the crowd. Each family had their 'pecking order' and it was amusing to watch it play out as these four family units came together. Most always there was a fair sense of play, some give and take.
Occasionally one could see the younger in one family try to assert dominance over smaller or younger children in the extended family unit.. But this too was short lived and easily corrected. There was some really God ordained moments...like when a younger cousin taught some older cousins new tricks on the trapeze bars! The sense of importance of being recognized as having something worthwhile to share! The opportunity to assist, encourage and bless! Watching children take risks to do something they have never done.. Like slide down the pole to the lower level of the pirate ship, as their cousins encouraged their participation!
One morning as I sought a place to quietly have my cup of tea, I had a shadow... One of the younger grandchildren just wanted to be with me... Not to talk, not to make me notice them, just wanted to be in my presence... So whether I was at the breakfast bar, the table or the sitting room , I was not alone...a huge smile always greeted me! And oh how it BLESSED ME, How like that we should be with God? Just longing to be in His presence!!? Not asking for recognition, not looking for a blessing, just living under the shadow of Him!?
Over the past few months, I have seen watched grandchildren extend love to my generation of relatives they had never met or seldom seen... And I have watched the faces of us who have lived,loved and who are properly secure in who we are at our age...I have watched our faces melt with tenderness, and dropped masks as we are embraced by little arms who welcome us into their world... We are unconditionally loved..we didn't earn it... And just by being who we are, right now, right here...we are loved and accepted!

Matt 18:3 and he said unto them 'I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven'

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