Monday, December 6, 2010

For the little people

I've been a gramma almost 17 years now, and it has been a learning experience...the position didn't come with an instruction book. During those first 15 years I put on my gramma hat when I could, offering whatever part of me remained after pouring myself out for my job, home and family left at home. I wasn't perfect, found myself lacking in areas, failed and forgiven in others, but truly enjoyed these precious lives whenever I could spend time with them.
It's been one year now that I have been more free to explore this position without the ties of a stress filled workplace. I have been embracing and accepting who I am, and recognizing and letting go of who I am not.

Recently I confessed that I love having them come by to give me a kiss and hug goodnight (well only if they live in the same house, different apartment) and I finally mentioned it...then these three lovelies have blessed me for the past few nights!

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  1. Love. And I'm happy for your richness!!