Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time with friends

When I was working, I had little time for my family or friends except for those women with whom I spent my work hours. Thankfully some of those ex-coworkers consider me still a friend and I am blessed by her friendship as she takes time from her busy schedule to spend some time together. I really do love this woman!

She is strong, but fragile, exerts firmness with kindness. She is unselfish, trustworthy, patient, and independent but willing (and learning) to lean into our Savior's arms of protection and comfort. And she eats a lot more healthy than I do!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent calendar

Recently I was with my oldest, and she mentioned she was looking for an advent calendar. Since we were already into December the choices were slim, but for some reason my mind was thinking that we could make it our own. So last night I took out my craft supplies, and pulled out a 4 shelf unit that I picked up at a garage sale. It's a Thomas Kinkade wooden shelf for a set of mini plates. I looked up how to make mini boxes on my iPad and pulled out my card stock, played with some glue and markers, and decided to stamp and then color most of boxes. I took it up to my oldest daughters home and showed it to everyone. The little ones wanted to touch and check it out now, and the older ones helped with taking pictures and getting the shelf unit on the wall. These eight children will have fun with their parents counting down the days of Advent with scripture, little sweets both to eat and to experience. It was so much fun making for them, and only took me a few hours!

The little boxes

The shelf unit

Completed boxes

They were moving so fast, hard to get a picture!

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For the little people

I've been a gramma almost 17 years now, and it has been a learning experience...the position didn't come with an instruction book. During those first 15 years I put on my gramma hat when I could, offering whatever part of me remained after pouring myself out for my job, home and family left at home. I wasn't perfect, found myself lacking in areas, failed and forgiven in others, but truly enjoyed these precious lives whenever I could spend time with them.
It's been one year now that I have been more free to explore this position without the ties of a stress filled workplace. I have been embracing and accepting who I am, and recognizing and letting go of who I am not.

Recently I confessed that I love having them come by to give me a kiss and hug goodnight (well only if they live in the same house, different apartment) and I finally mentioned it...then these three lovelies have blessed me for the past few nights!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


One of the Pastors told us to forget that we knew the outcome.
Instead let out minds go to Promise, that which was given by God through his word. Let us anticipate with the people of the Promise, the long awaited coming of the Savior. Let us cry within our beings... 'o Come Emmanuel!'
As the wise men looked to the heavenly signs, and in faith made their journey with the expectation of the promise being fulfilled, let us become part of the faithful who answer the call. 'oh Come all ye Faithful'

I am loosely paraphrasing the exhortation made by the Pastor, but somewhere within it rang true! There is an excitement within, when I don't look at the end result (i.e. Christmas is 23 days away) but I look at the celebration to be had by a people to whom a promise was made, when that promise was not yet fulfilled. don't get me wrong, I celebrate the joy of knowing Christ today and every day, but can you imagine the people who had been waiting? can you imagine the joy of recognizing the importance of this birth in a manger? Only a handful of people were there, lowly shepherds, and magnificent wise men... How blessed they were!

Yet for most of the world at the time, they were either in darkness and knew nothing of the Promise, or they were part of the chosen people, and they knew nothing of this special birth! It would be years before the word got out about this man called Jesus, and even more years would pass before the Promise fulfilled was being offered to more than just the chosen people.
Today I do not want to miss what is evidence of God's love and care for us. I want to chose to focus on positive, on hope, and not the negative. Rainy days are just that..a time to speak of it's dreariness, or a time to find comfort in an excuse to stay indoors, read a book, cuddle up by a fire, or take a snooze lulled by the pitter patter of those repetitious drops. Over all my heart continues to say.... GOD is still on the throne.... This shall too pass!

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