Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An old t shirt made new

My granddaughter wanted a new shirt, and I had one I was ready to trash! What a great opportunity to try my hand at recycling ..what could I lose? So I took my old stained grey v-neck t-shirt, size 2x, and try to make it something wearable for my then 16year old granddaughter.

I used something to draw a a plate....and drew a point marked ...and used my rotary cutter!

Here is the cut looks uneven because the back neck is dropped down. Next I sewed two rows long 'running stitches', and then pulled up the thread to 'ruche' the top. I did use straight stitch over the ruched area to maintain the look.

With the left over fabric from the previous cut neckline, I cut out numerous teardrop shapes, covered them with a black netting , used the previous neck edging, putting all together I made a large flower with leaves and a stem. I also gathered what I thought was an appropriate amount of folds and secured onto one side

The sleeves were too long, and boring, as was the bottom of I cut the sleeves starting at armpit area about 1to 2 inches out and cut up at an angle. The bottom of the shirt was cut asymmetrical, longer on shirt right than left was easy, and came out pretty good for just winging it!

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