Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking forward

In a season where life is changing for most of my children, it is most wise to keep my feet planted in the stability of the Rock! That way I won't feel so buffeted by the waves of the tide that comes naturally. I am not necessarily meant to walk the rocky shore to find their safe harbor!
This morning I was once more encouraged by my eldest to start the gratitude community (http://www.aholyexperience.com/2003/06/gratitude-community/)
And although I am not ready to openly publish them, I was able to journal 18 that were immediately on my heart! And I was able to find myself tendered to the Peace once again.
Two things I can say openly:
1. I am very thankful for my children who inspite of their own wrestlings with life's encounters, are able and willing to encourage each other to walk in the Peace of the Lord.
2. I am thankful the the Lord has opened my creative nature in the past decade.

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  1. You set a beautiful example to us. Love you.

  2. Awesome Mom...can I come by here for some more of this tomorrow? ;)