Thursday, January 6, 2011

The little things

Softly I closed the door, pleased that I exited my sister's room with minimal noise (considering two happy dogs exited too, this was a feat!) The sound of glass shattering as it hits the floor spoiled the spell of early morning, and in seconds my sister was there with a broom and dustpan. ( note to self: make sure all glasses are picked up night before so there will be no more whipped to the floor by that happy dog's tail!)
I watched as my sister swept up those shards, calmly and swiftly as if this was a common event, and she reminded me- this too shall pass, it was only a glass, no one was hurt. Just a small speck in the road of life. ( and even made a joke about the dog's tail that could so easily throw this glass with such force onto the floor)
Life sometimes brings happy tails that accidentally shatters our peace. How do I clean up the glass? Do I lash out and break some fragile moments? Do I find the means to make it a safe environment once more so no one will get hurt accidentally?
I get annoyed or hurt by someone's actions or word, The wrong word, the wrong look, the interruption without thought behind it.. These are all little things and have no eternal consequence, but what I do, how I react and respond does!
Today may I recognize the need in me to respond in love, peace and patience... In all the little things that go on around me.

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